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The UP Stairlift

The modular rail design of the UP stairlift allows homeowners to have their UP Stairlift installed in the same day. With standard features that include, power swivel, a back to base intercom and a powered footrest, the UP Stairlift will be the perfect solution to climbing your staircase once again. 

Made & Packaged with Recycled Material

Railius Inc. and The UP Stairlift value sustainability, which is why our stairlifts utilize a recycled aluminum rail and responsibly sourced components. 


  • Aluminum is a durable, lightweight, and sustainable material.

  • Sourced from Norway, The Up Stairlift rail is produced using 70% Hydro Energy

  • Made from recycled Aluminium, using only 5% of the required energy compared to new

  • Packaged with predominately recycled materials, your Up Stairlift will arrive safely for the user and for the environment.  



On top of the near-endless features of the UP Stairlift, one of the most wonderful parts of it's design is that it all arrives in just one box! Delivered by our trusted delivery partner and packaged securely, you can be sure that your lift will arrive safely and securely, ready to re-connect you with your home once again. 

Your Questions Answered


Thanks to the patented modular rail design, it is
possible to perform quick installations and adjustments. The entire UP
Stairlift can be installed within just 4 hours and importantly with no
additional or custom factory parts.



UP Stairlift gives you peace of mind and security, as each stairlift will
report operation and any maintenance statuses via the integrated WiFi connection. This also allows most difficulties to be solved remotely, by our valued dealer partner. 


Our dealer portal gives our valued dealer partner the opportunity to
personalize your UP Stairlift,  producing the best fit for your specific
situation in just a few steps. 



Thanks to the modular rail design the UP Stairlift is suitable for both straight
and curved staircases. With the placement on a curved staircase, it is possible to position the stairlift on the inside or outside of your staircase.


UP Stairlift goes above industry standard features and offers the intercom, the automatic turning (swivel), and automatic footrest folding as standard. With UP Stairlift you also get a stylish chair, designed by Richmond Textiles.



Your UP Stairlift can be easily relocated. Not only is the chair itself
retainable, but also the modular rail design. All rail parts can easily be
converted into a new shape and if necessary, be combined with new rail for a different staircase.

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