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  • What is an UP Stairlift?
    The UP Stairlift is known for it's modular design and can be installed within one day. Our rail system consists of only 2 parts. These parts are fully reusable and can be converted to match any staircase.
  • What if I am at the bottom of the stairs, but the stairlift is at the top?"
    This is no problem! With our app or available remote controls, you can move the UP Stairlift back down.
  • When having more floors, is it possible to get to the top floor in one trip?"
    Yes, that’s possible! The UP Stairlift can continue to the top floor in one go. A stop location can be installed on each floor.
  • What is the size of an UP Stairlift?
    The UP Stairlift was designed for use by all. The height of the seat is 22 5/16" off of the ground. The width of the seat is 18 9/16".
  • How is the UP Stairlift made?
    Most of the parts of the stairlift are imported from Europe. The pieces are then put together to a fully working stairlift at our workplace in Obdam.
  • How are the batteries of the UP Stairlift charged?
    Charging stations are located both at the top and bottom of the rail. This ensures that the stairlift will never run out of electricity under normal use.
  • What is the maximum weight that the UP Stairlift can handle?
    Maximum transportation weight is 275lbs.
  • Where can an UP Stairlift be installed?
    Any staircase! With the unique modular design, there is an option for all applications. We recommend a home visit by an authorized UP Stairlift partner for a quote.
  • What is the average installation time?
    Installation time varies depending on the staircase and bends. It is recommended that an UP Stairlift partner visits your home to give you a rough outline and timeline of the installation. Most installations average 6-8 hours depending on the application.
  • How is an UP Stairlift installed on the stairs?
    The UP Stairlift is installed and secured with screws.
  • I have a narrow staircase. Does an UP Stairlift also fit on that?
    The UP Stairlift fits any stair wider than 25". If in doubt, don’t hesitate to contact us. We nearly always find a suitable solution.
  • Does the staircase remain accessible for others?
    Yes, it does! The UP Stairlift is mounted as close as possible to the side of the steps. As a result, the center of the steps remains accessible at all times. The low design of the rail ensures that you won’t be bothered by it.
  • Is placement still possible when I have a door next to my stairs?
    Yes, absolutely. The rail ends are kept as short as possible. If there is not enough space, you can opt for a drop-nose rail segment. This is a steep rail part that ends just before the stairs. (Only possible at the bottom of the stairs.)
  • Is the stairlift also suitable for several floors?
    Yes, the UP Stairlift is suitable for multiple floors.
  • What is the warranty of an UP Stairlift?
    The UP Stairlift has a 2 year warranty on the parts and a 5 year warranty on the motor.
  • I am moving houses, is it possible to move the UP Stairlift with me?"
    Sure, it is! Unlike other stairlift suppliers, both the seat and rail are reusable. This is due to the modular rail design. It makes it possible to adapt your stairlift to the new stairs without having to construct a completely new rail.
  • Can I maintain my UP Stairlift?
    Never maintain your UP Stairlift yourself! This can be dangerous and cause possible malfunctions. Also, by tinkering on the stairlift, your warranty will expire. Please contact our dealer partner for servicing of your UP Stairlift.
  • How can I keep my UP Stairlift clean?
    Clean the chair, backrest, armrests, side covers and footrest with a damp cloth. Avoid using water and detergent on the rail and moving parts.
  • What if my UP Stairlift has a failure?
    Please contact us as soon as possible if your UP Stairlift has a break down. In most installations we are able to monitor the lift and provide useful data to our dealer partner.
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