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40 years of


We have the know-how you need.

The Railius Inc. Team

At Railius Inc., we are proud of our small team and we take a personal approach to all aspects of the business. At Railius Inc., We're here to help!

Richard Boseley

Managing Director

An Australian having arrived in the USA in 2015, Richard brings the professionalism, experience and care needed to launch Railius Inc. and the UP Stairlift successfully throughout the United States. 

Richard Boseley_Railius Inc.jpg

Henk van den Ende

Sales Director

With many years in the home accessibility industry, Henk knows a fantastic product when he sees one. The UP Stairlift is a product that Henk is happy to put his name to and we're sure you will be too. 

Hen van den Ende_Railius Inc. 3.jpg

Cameron Gillespie


After starting a well-known home lift brand in the UK in 2010, Cameron has been looking for the next most innovative, simple, and easy product to enter the accessibility industry. There is no doubt the UP Stairlift is that product.

Cameron Gillespie_CH_Up Stairlift USA

Jeremy Glen

Marketing Director

Having assisted dealers throughout the USA for the last 5 years, Jeremy brings a customer centric focus to all that he does. His desire to help and ability to think long term will ensure lasting and trusting relationships are built.

Jeremy Glen_Railius Inc._1.jpg

The Next Team Member of Railius inc.

We're always looking for exceptional people to join our team. If you have the skills to help build Railius Inc. just send your CV & cover letter to

Railius Inc. New Staff
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